Environmental Diversity



            Many people say there is a need to protect the environment, but do not really make any effort to do anything about it. Are you one of these people? What can we do to encourage people to take action to protect the environment?


Most people are increasingly aware of the need to protect our environment. Despite this, not many of us are really taking steps to reduce its impact on the planet.  Not many of us have the courage to do such progress in maintaining and protecting our environment. And, not many of us have do such first steps in preserving our natural resources like our ancestral trees, our good sceneries, the vast oceans, and of course preserving our environmental culture. Many of us have the mind to think about what will be the proper protection and maintenance but not many of us have the guts to do so. The “not-so-many” of those containing followers and the “many” containing of few.

            Years have passed, after the time when we still used those fancy cars and coal- iron and others without the collaborating of technology. Gone were the days when we can still survived in an old-fashioned style of living, when we don’t have cellular phones to use to, when we don’t have washing machines and when we don’t have upgraded technology. On our time now, we cannot manufacture sort of goods and services without those big machines and engines. Consider also the huge factories producing commodities, for our needs and wants such as our food, clothes, etc. which are one of the major cause of pollution on our seas and other bodies of water.  And, gone were the days when we still think in peace together with fresh air and the slap by slap phase of sea breeze on our faces. Gone were the days, when we still manage to smile even without watching the trending videos on social media, even without the slow internet of our generation, even without the gazillion performances of the different super pop idols on youtube. No more celebrations today when a child won on a sungka, Chinese garter, patintero and other games usually saw on the streets. Imagine those moments on our history, moments when we still manage to preserve and limit the use of our natural resources, when we still deal with protecting our environment from harm. Moments that were far enough gone, when our natural resources still virgin on the things happening on our home, the environment. The environment that give all our needs and wants in

Life, our home and our building blocks of everything because we know that without her we are isolated enough vanished on this rocky and vast empire of our milieu. Considered all the things aforementioned above, what do you think were the things happened why we cannot lived the way we lived before? Is it because the rapid growth of our population or perhaps, the rapid changing of our technology that year by year changing and upgrading, all for our conveniences? Or, maybe, I think, the wants of the people, the wants of us, to produce more goods and services for our own sake even sacrificing our home. And one great example of that is the wants of us to produce more tourists for more production and circulation of money.

And that example really breaks my heart into minute little pieces, when I landed my feet again on my beloved land, the Ilocos Region.

The moment I knew that there is a field trip that will happen, I felt energized, anxious, wonderful and most especially overwhelmed. Thinking that after how many years, finally we’ll meet again fresh and young with my beloved land, the land that once upon a time I treasured, cherished, and sheltered even after today. It is the land where I learned most of the things that I knew currently, the lessons that still inculcated in my mind, and most especially the things that enter my heart and the inner point of my hypothalamus that will always stay and will never ever go.  The province that first taught me how to appreciate, value and loved our environment. The land where I first saw beautiful kinds of seas, the creatures living below them were a must remembered things I bear in mind because as of our times today they were step by step stepping on the last phases of their lives, they are little by little saying goodbye to Mother Earth.

One of the things that broke my heart was watching those mountains turning into a “bald- tree” after a year, maybe. It broke my heart that seeing them without those trees that I usually see whenever I travel form Ilocos to Nueva Ecija or vice versa. The trees that I usually look upon to, that once upon a time became part of their lives, of our lives that in every unexpected phenomena and catastrophes protected us from harm. It is sad to think that they were gone not because they really want to but because they have no choice but to bid farewell, because they have no guts to talk to us. They have no mouth and we have no heart to think that they were living things to, have a freedom of living, freedom to breath, and freedom to experience this paradise, Earth.

Upon entering the province of Ilocos Sur, I never imagine that I saw things I habitually didn’t see. The mountain sides beside roads that typically green and wild were now a chocolate- like, brownish and dry. What were really happened to those trees? Well, perhaps, victims of “I need to sacrifice these for more income”, they were victims of the rapid growth of tourism. They were needed to removed and die because the roads need to widen and multiply in numbers. I am not against tourism in Ilocos or in any particular place, I also feel proud to be one of the native of this region of course, to part of a magnificent place, but I do feel guilty because the place we usually live in is little by little fading into its usual places. The idea of sacrificing is common to our custom, the thought of losing things for the betterment of a piece of lives. Well, I don’t want to blame anyone because I know, good or bad, I became part of those customs, because I know in the first place that I benefited also to those. Being one of those people to appreciate the things that the government made to the different spots and sceneries to be known all over the world, entertainment that makes me astonish, smile, and wonder. One of which is the new discovery of the rock formation formed in Ilocos Norte, our first destination and the first place where my block mates been crazy too, and me as well. The mixed emotions I felt when I saw the new build wind mills on top of those hills and the sea breeze that once again slapped my face. The nostalgic feeling I felt when I was there standing facing the sea breeze, facing the sea that way back then, a lonely and vulnerable sea. The feeling that for how many years that I didn’t saw the vast oceans comprises our country, felt and remembered during that day, the day in hatching my body again a power and a spark.

Wondering on a place where in almost all the sceneries and places you knew. All the landmarks you are familiar with such as the city where in my heart were first captivated the sunshine city of Laoag. It the city where my dreams and aspirations in life where made. Since the time I attended an amateur contest for a dancing contest way back in Humanities, he would come to me and encourage me to attend and participate once again for a contest or a show. After those years of encouragement, here I am, wondering the city as one of place that a tourist would loved to be, although I know Laoag City will always be. From its finest bridge, Gilbert Bridge, and the Kalesa’s roaming around the city hood. But somehow, on the middle of my wonder, I feel anxious about our air, to think that there were lots of tricycle taxis there at Laoag. I am concerned about the air pollution happening above the cityhood of Laoag City. Imagining the ozone layer crying because of the things we did and the things that we will do if these doing of ours still need to continue. It was one of the indications that we, humans, doesn’t know how to protect and appreciate the things that our environment do to us. And yes, we must need to appreciate the things that our natural things given to us, we not to be confident that these will be there forever and ever, because we all know that weather sometimes tricked and leaved us. We all know that not at all times environment will always be bias for us, not all the times she will be there assisting us and guiding us for what will be our next steps, our next goals for her. Well, what might be our next steps for her? Perhaps, what will be our next objectives to protect and made her again to its finest.

Many people say there is a need to protect the environment, but do not really make any effort to do anything about it. Are you one of these people? What can we do to encourage people to take action to protect the environment? What will be our step in stopping the alarming tourists visited the Ilocos or some other places. Like the things happening in my native land, the land that sometimes in its history was unknown to some tourists and to some citizens. One of which is the Marcos Museum where in the deeds and life of Marcos were presented, for me, it was so ironic that maybe those must be in private. Well, that’s the culture and traditions of us Filipinos’ and I don’t have the guts to make it big deal, I’d rather read and watch those scriptures displayed on it and learned about our history, and to the “Mansion ti Amianan” as well. As my block mates murmur during our discovery in the Mansion that the house was perfect and truly conjusive place to a holiday or a vacation. We learned that during his regime, he wanted to live in a simple way he can think properly to make our country a great nation. Marcos maybe well-known today because of the things that people think he did in the past, the things that people think he did for his own sake, but I do believe that someday, somehow all of the good things he did will be recognize and acknowledge.

And, after the history challenge the itinerary gave us, the last destinations we visited was my favorite place when we still living in Ilocos Norte, the magnificent Paoay Church. It is one of the well known churches in our generation. It was well known because of its nature and its remarkable shapes and its nature for picture taking and of course the classic picnic venue in front of it. But, for me I do believe that it is more than that, that in our history he contributed a big impact, thanks to the Spaniards who came and made us Filipinos great artists and wise sculptures, engineers and architects even without the diploma. And also thanks to our government in making and continuing the league and the history through preserving and improving its natural context. And, I hope that in the generations to come, it will always be the church that it was used to be. But, for now, it’s our responsibility to preserved it for the next generations to come. I think the first step to that is respecting it, regard that it is a sacred place to pray and it is not a place for photo shoots, selfies and the likes.

Well, the nostalgic feeling is over on my native land and faces again the feeling of today. But, not really, as we enter the Heritage City of Vigan, the place where the classic classics were located. The place I do missed a lot, the place where somehow on my elementary days became the replica city of preserving culture. As we walk in and wonder the city, I observed that the tricycles were doubled or maybe tripled on the city. The kalesas’ were lessening in numbers. Unlike Laoag City, tourists or not were a must to ride a kalesa. But, in Vigan, I saw that tourists were the only one using it. But disregard those, the city were far enough grow and civilized. The foods were maybe the same but the place the city was different. As we walk by, my friends were amaze by the native delicacies, and foods that the natives were making. One of which were the emapanada. It is one of my favorite back then, its natural taste and the nostalgic feeling every time I eat. And well, while eating my favorite food, I observed that the producing of garbage was multiply. And it was somehow alarming. The sayings that, “more tourist, more garbages” were happening. And it was maybe the best problem that city be solved, because not the tourist will suffer but the residents and natives of the city. They are the one who will suffer; perhaps, they were the one who will stay in the place and the one who will experience the cause that the problem will give them. One of which example is flood, giving them the scared feeling every time a typhoon will come. Maybe it was a great idea to segregate them properly, and bring them to a place where in the others will be made useful again, the others will be decade and use for other purposes again, such as fertilizers and others. The tour was that fast that time, and maybe the feeling of us that we wanted to go home to finish our requirements, and review for the incoming exams. And the others were wanted to stay in Ilocos forever, as I wanted also too.

And for the millionth times I experienced already, saying farewell to one of my favorite place and my home for how many years to be. Place that my heart wanted to go every time, bid good bye and until the next trip and visitation. And until I see the place I will always want to go, perhaps, that will be sooner. I hope that changes will occur on Ilocos when the time comes and I hope people will be more responsible enough to take care about our environment and of course, me as well. I hope that I’ll be more aware about the different techniques and ideas on how to preserve protect our natural resources and use it in a plausible way possible. Thinking different techniques that will surely apply to all aspects of the environmental issues today especially in multiplying the outcast numbers of trees.

As Kahlil Qibran said, “Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky.”






I met you in an instance,

At an astonishing moment,

And at an astonishing time,

It’s called a destiny; a friendship destiny.


You’ve been good and nice,

Since from the first conversation,

Up to the last one,

Those were the memories that will never go away.


Dear, Friend, Sister, Brother

Consider you as member of my family tree,

One of my big and immense sisters,

And one of my best of friends.


Thank you for the care and love,

Friend, you’ll always be,

The one I adore and begotten,

My best friend and still just friend.

















“Every time I walk on the corridors, path walks, roads,I prefer to be alone and wondering people to their businesses. I love the idea of being alone, doings things on my own..”

When I was in the middle school, I like to play boys games. The idea of liking those games made me realize that playing dolls and miniature mansion were less cool than playing cars, soldiers, wars and the likes. It made me did things beyond my imagination and expectations. And in my secondary level, I can’t do the things that I used to do. I can’t play soldier wars no more because I need to focus on my bigger world. I need to concentrate myself to study physics, our vast society,and the brain crashing math and who would forget algebra. Who would like to see a first year high school student, a girl, playing soldier wars or even playing cars in her most amazing and great uniform at a prestigious and strict school. No one, right? Maybe, I can see myself playing those, perhaps I’m the one, but unfortunately I cannot. My circle of friends those times were little by little increasing because of the not so few group activities and requirements needed to finish during weekdays (totally sucks). But, because of those, I can really met my classmates in my most intelligent and initiative way. I did know the things that made them happy or not, and then we became friends, as great as friends. We ate together, went home together and the list goes on. Somewhat friends do during weekends, sometimes were our hobbies and the things that a normal ‘barkadas’ do, a good and a bad, will always be present. Time passes, we cannot evaluate that we go beyond our limits  being the too bind friends. We had dilemmas, as normal friends too, and the topics multiply and then multiply until the time that we can’t solve either one.

We broke up, like noting happened between us. They drop and bailed me because among us, I am the only one out of their ideologies. I’m weird and naive, innocent of the things going to the old world those times. I cannot eat to the cafeteria alone because they were there;  my classmates, the bullies, and my late circle of friends. I ate at the corridor or at the back of our building or somewhere without them. Those judge mental people having a degree or not, having same thoughts about me, the naive girl who totally dreamed of being one of the link and awesome them. Since then, I walk with myself. I eat with myself. I study with myself. Even though, I’m in the crowd, I’m with myself. I’m alone, fragile, frustrated and blue.

I am the girl that in the middle of the flashes and the light will suddenly dim and gone.

I am the girl who used to be with my soldiers became a girl with herself.

I am the girl who used to watched DVD’s and laugh like no other.

Yes, I am alone. But, being alone makes me realize and learned things that I could not possibly imagine to think having a circle of friends. I could walk freely, no arguments and debate to anyone who is totally a bossy ( and I really hate that). I can do the things I want even without the advice of some gals out there. I am alone, but I’m glad and happy.

“Yes, it’s weird and ironic but it’s me.”

The girl who left behind and crashed down.

The girl who preferred to be alone and loving to be alone…

girl alone
"Sometimes,it is better to be alone.No one can hurt you"