To the one that got away,

It took me years to imagine that you and I will have a definite momentum to behold. A years of imagining how will my future would be when I’m with the person I cherish most. It was a long journey pursuing my affection to you even though you are by kilometers away from me then. I gave my all to you so that you’ll not hate me nor reject me. I gave my hundred percent of defending my love for you. And through the years of being the one who did the first moved always, I declined.

I started to feel unwanted and the feeling of taken for granted. I started to feel that I lost the affection. I lost the track of being with you someday. And that moment, I started to asked myself, “is there really a chance of me and you together?”. I wanted to gave up that moment, but I’m stick with the idea that “I MUST love you” no matter what. Until the judgement came, I’m surprise how faith drow me to you.

We spend a time together watching a movie, like the old times. But that moment was different from the other. I’m not blushing nor the butterflies on my stomach was gone already. That moment, I started to panic like ‘Sisa’. What is this I’m feeling , “did I fall out of love already?”. And because of curiosity, I jumped into conclusion, that maybe, I just don’t love you no more. I honestly said things to you, the things that I’m feeling that day. And finally, I said the five broken words that definetly not wanted to say;

“I don’t love you anymore.”


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